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Gil Gibbs

Gil  Gibbs
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      Having spent 4 decades in Commercial Construction and Development, I switched hats 10 years ago to Commercial Real Estate Sales / Development. I offer an in-depth critique of acquisitions and sales of income producing proprieties. Real estate today requires a complete knowledge of projected returns using sound financial information. I offer this service to my clients so that informed decisions are based on well documented analysis tied into current economic conditions.

      Personally my wife and I have a small gentleman’s farm, consisting of a virtual zoo of animals. We take pride in the occasional “house flip” and attending to our various rental properties. Our hobbies are “renovations of everything” including vintage house boats. ( Jury is still out on that purchase!!) In the summer our neighbors, guests, and friends are always in awe of my wife’s landscaping abilities. Our place always looks like you are entering a flowering state park. We chose Cookeville as our retirement location 25 years ago. There is scenic beauty to behold everywhere if you take the time to seek it out.

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